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The protective shield of the stoma guard on this ostomy belt is held away from the stoma by a U-shaped pad. This stoma guard is secured in place by a detachable elastic ostomy belt. The stoma shield protects the stoma from inadvertent contact and from waistband and belts from your clothing. The pad applies pressure on the ostomy appliance assisting in its securement, thus reducing the risk of leaks from under the wafer. The guard and ostomy belt also provide parastomal hernia prevention.

This stoma guard is intended to protect the stoma from external contact caused by things like clothing and seatbelts. It also allows patients to live a more active lifestyle without needing to be concerned about damaging the stoma through impacts that occur during daily activities and sports. It prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water. Since it applies direct pressure to the appliance, it extends the wear-time of the wafer and can be used as a parastomal hernia belt.

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The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Stoma Guard

All of these stoma guards allow you to go about all your daily activities with total confidence. Before I designed these Stoma Guards, I tried other ostomy protection systems on the market, but I had too many accidents to count. Since I couldn't get the accidents under control, I just wanted to hide in my house and not do anything at all. But ever since I started wearing these STOMAPLEX Stoma-Guards and Ostomy Belts, I haven't had a single accident. This has given me complete confidence to resume my full range of normal daily activities (tennis, swimming, running, and bicycling). I no long feel nervous at all when I go out in public!

With these Ostomy Clothing Belts and Stoma-Guards in place, you will be so incredibly confident about doing even the simplest things. I work as an engineer during the day, and when I'm sitting at my desk, I sometimes slide my chair up so fast that my belly hits the edge of the desk. This is no longer something I need to worry about. And now when I fold my arms or pick up a heavy box, I no longer even think about whether I'm going to bump my stoma.

Another reason I decided I needed to figure out how to make an ostomy protection product like these Stoma-Guards is that I discovered that a lot of other ostomates choose not to wear seatbelts because the seatbelts cross their stomas or pinch off the flow to their bag. With the STOMAPLEX Stoma-Guard, you will never again put yourself in the dangerous situation of riding in a car without basic seatbelt protection! Put on your Stoma-Guard, snap your seatbelt into place, and away you go!


Keep an Active Lifesytle with an Ostomy

Are you interested in resuming a more active lifestyle but concerned about the need to protect your stoma and appliance? The Freedom-Guard Stoma-Guard and Ostomy Clothing Belt makes an ideal ostomy sports guard because it is strong enough to keep your stoma protected from impact, but it is light-weight and flexible enough that you'll forget you have it on. It is also easily washable after a hard work-out, and the neoprene pad allows it to dry within minutes.

Each Pure-Comfort™ and Freedom-Guard™ Stoma-Guard and Ostomy Belt is made to the highest standards of quality. Not only are the materials that go into the guard premium grade, but the workmanship is top notch. You will not be disappointed. The moment you put it on, you will agree with our clients who say that this is a very high quality product.

The ostomy belt is performance-grade material, which allows you to customize the pressure with its two straps for the most comfortable fit.

Wear the ostomy belt & under your clothing for a discrete appearance and feel totally protected.



Comfort is a necessary feature of any Stoma-Guard. After all, having an ostomy is not the most comfortable thing to begin with, so it is very important to wear a stoma protector that will make you more comfortable as you go about all your daily activities!

Pamper your skin with our 100% premium-grade calfskin on the Pure-Comfort ATX Stoma-Guard. What could feel better! The soft cloth belt secures with Velcro tabs so you will be able to comfortably wear either Stoma-Guard in public, and no will ever be able to tell you have it on! Also, the cloth belt lies flush with your skin and there is no bulky padding on your back, so you won't feel any pressure when you're sitting in a car seat, relaxing after a hard day at the office, or recuperating after a hard work-out.

Lastly, each of these Stoma-Guards has a built in stoma silencer. As a mechanical engineer, I have learned how to minimize sounds. The key is to have them pass through multiple layers to dissipate their vibrational energies. This allows you to enjoy everything you do with your friends and family without needing to worry about being interrupted by embarrassing noises!