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Stomaplex Support Belt

Support Belt by Stomaplex

The Stomaplex support belts are available in two styles. Both will accept the guard. The belts offered here on this page are sold separately, that is, stoma guard is not included. In the video below you will see both styles demonstrated.

Video: Support & Wide Hernia

In this video, Bob will show you the two styles from Stomaplex. The wider is with the Freedom-Guard ATX and the Stomaplex support is presented with the Freedom-Guard GTX and Pure-Comfort ATX stoma guards. Watch this video and learn more about Stomaplex.


The first is the standard support belt. It has two straps of a microfiber material sewn together. It criss-crosses in the back for comfort and returns to the front as two straps. The straps attach to the face of the guard.


This is 4.5″ wide the entire length. This is designed to compress your abdomen to reduce the chance of developing a hernia.

The Stomaplex will protect your ostomy from tight clothes.


The Stomaplex is latex free with a micro-fiber inner surface for maximum comfort. The dual strap design allow for manual adjustment of the tension.


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Stoma Protector

Stoma Guard, Bag Holder, Ostomy Bag Holder, ostomy security

Ostomy Bag Holder – Stoma Guard

 Support belts, Support belts, Stoma Shield, Ostomy Belt, Stomaplex, ostomy security, comfort ostomy belt, ostomy belt women

Stoma Shield

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The Equalizer, ostomy care

Security by Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures contoured stoma protectors for patients that need an ostomy bag holder with an ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) With these guards there will be no pressure on your ostomy. Ostomy belts to improve your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool.