Ostomy Hernia Belt – Video

//Ostomy Hernia Belt – Video
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Ostomy Hernia Belt – Video

She pulls the tension of the ostomy belt, in this video. Upon returning to roller derby, she needed to protect her stoma. The Stomaplex ostomy hernia belt held the stoma guard in place while she was active with her sports.   Ostomy belts are important to wear when participating in full contact sports. See why she like to protect her stoma

Parastomal Support Belt

Use HCPS CODE: A4396 Ostomy belt with parastomal hernia support

Hernia Belt – Video – Women

After putting on the hernia belt, she pulls up her yoga pants right over her ostomy in this video. She is confident to compete in a very rough sport like roller derby now that she is wearing the Stomaplex belt.

Ostomy Hernia Belt


Ostomy Hernia Belts by Stomaplex compress or prevent parastomal hernias. Ostomy hernia belt is 4.5 inches wide made with a microfiber material. These belts are designed to work with Stomaplex stoma guards.

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Ostomy Hernia Belt

Use the ostomy hernia belt from Stomaplex to compress your ostomy near the stoma. The item is for the parastomal hernia belt only. The stoma guard is not included.

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Video – Customizable Ostomy Hernia Belt

The hernia belt has three microfiber straps sewn together forming a band that is 4.5″ wide. The velcro adjustment allows for about 6 inches of total adjustment. To adjust the tension hold the stoma guard over the ostomy bag. The belt attaches to a Stomaplex stoma guard through a Velcro fastening system. On the far end, the belt attaches to itself.

Designed by Patients

By having a one-strap belt design, we were able to offer greater support. Patients with hernias needed stoma protection and support.

Comfortable Parastomal Hernia Belt

Our hernia belts are made of comfortable microfiber material. The belt wicks away moisture from your skin. The wider belt is comfortable while supporting the ostomy

Stylish Belt

The low profile design to the hernia belt allow you to wear your favorite jeans with an ostomy.

Discrete Belt

This belt with a stoma guard attached will be very discrete beneath your clothing.

Parastomal Hernia Belt

Secure the parastomal hernia belt by adjusting the tension.  This item has about 6 inches of size adjustment.

See the size chart for help.

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Active Lifestyle

These stoma guards protect the stoma from clothing and seatbelts while allowing your stoma’s output to flow freely into the ostomy bag. The pressure from the stoma guard on the appliance helps secure the skin barrier and prevents ostomy leaks. With the Freedom-Guard ostomy belt on you’ll be confident swimming and active throughout your day. With the Pure-Comfort you’ll forget that you have an ostomy. The thin and ultra-low profile makes this the most comfortable stoma guard. All stoma guard at Stomaplex will work with the hernia belt.

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