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The Freedom-Guard GTX – Stoma Guard

The Freedom-Guard GTX is the original design for a Stomaplex stoma guard. The inner padding is made with neoprene with a nylon fabric. The outer shell is contoured to dome over the stoma. Neoprene is the same material that SCUBA suits are made with.

Wear Blue Jeans with the Stomaplex Freedom-Guard GTX

Watch Bob tighten the waistband on his jeans right over the stoma of his ileostomy in this video.

Video – Freedom-Guard GTX – Pants No Problem

Watch this video to see how the Freedom-Guard GTX eliminates any problem that he pants may be. He will show you how he is able to tighten the belt on his jeans right over his stoma.

Ostomy Belt for Running – GTX


The Freedom-Guard GTX is out favorite ostomy belt for running. The belt supports the stoma with a soft neoprene padding. With your ostomy, wear the GTX ostomy belt when running.

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Ostomy Belt for Running:

Watch Christy run in place while wearing the Ostomy Belt for Running by Stomaplex. In this video she will demonstrate the two belt styles. First is the standard Stomaplex Belt and then her favorite is the wide Ostomy Hernia Belt for running. Get back into running. Many men and women after surgery are interested in running. Running is a healthy choice for those with an ostomy. Put on an ostomy belt for running when you’re active after surgery.



Video – Ostomy Belt for Running

Christy skates roller derby which is a full contact sport. Watch this video to see her get dressed for the gym. She is now able to squat, stretch her legs, bend over, and get bumped in the belly during her roller derby bouts and feel protected.

Running GTX:

The Freedom Guard GTX is available with the softest padding of the three stoma guards offered at Stomaplex. The GTX protects the stoma when running. The Freedom Guard GTX has a rubber coating on the outside surface and a neoprene padding on the inside. The rubber surface does not absorb water. The neoprene pad washes with water and dries with a towel. Wash the belt after running in your washing machine

How Men Wear Pants After Running

Are you struggling to figure out how to wear a pair of blue jeans with an ostomy after running? What many people do with their ostomy bag is to wear the bag or ostomy pouch on the outside of their pants. This is totally unacceptable if you want to look normal. The best option to cover the stoma with a stoma guard that allows for the stoma’s output to flow unrestricted. After running with your ostomy belt you’ll be more confident. The waistband of your clothing is a major source of restriction. When this happens, the stoma’s output gets pushed out the sides of the ostomy skin barrier causing an embarrassing moment. Watch the video to see Bob tighten his belt on his pants directly over his stoma.

Learn more about stoma guards.


He explains how to dress with an ostomy.

Her ileostomy is protected with the Stomaplex stoma shield. how-to-dress-with-an-ostomy-girl

Her ileostomy is protected with the Stomaplex stoma shield.

Blue jeans with an ostomy.

Blue jeans with an ostomy.

Ostomy Clothing for Women

Ostomy Clothing for Women

Sport with an ostomy.

Sport with an ostomy.

Ostomy Sports for Women

Ostomy Sports for Women

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Guard Size?

X-Small (3.50" x 2.75"), Small (4.00" x 3.25"), Regular (4.50" x 3.25"), Narrow (4.00" x 3.75"), Large (5.00" x 3.75"), Tall (5.00" x 4.25"), X-Tall (5.00" x 4.75")

Stoma Clearance?

0.50", 0.75", 1.00"

Appliance Size?

1-3/8" (38 mm), 1-3/4" (45 mm), 2-1/4" (57 mm), 2-3/4" (70 mm)

Stoma Side?

Left Hand Side, Right Hand Side

Belt Style?

Standard Belt (3.0" Wide), Hernia Belt (4.5" Wide) + $15.00

Belt Size?

Size 25 (Fits 25-26), Size 27 (Fits 27-28), Size 29 (Fits 29-30), Size 31 (Fits 31-32), Size 33 (Fits 33-34), Size 35 (Fits 35-36), Size 37 (Fits 37-38), Size 39 (Fits 39-40), Size 41 (Fits 41-42), Size 43 (Fits 43-44), Size 45 (Fits 45-46), Size 47 (Fits 47-48), Size 49 (Fits 49-50), Size 51 (Fits 51-52), Size 53 (Fits 53-54), Size 55 (Fits 55-56), Size 57 (Fits 57-58), Size 59 (Fits 59-60)

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex, woman with ostomy bag

Freedom-Guard GTX for a women with an ileostomy bag outside her pants.

freedom-guard gtx, by Stomaplex, man wears pants with ostomy

Freedom-Guard GTX for a man who needs help wearing pants.

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex, ostomy belt on women

Women wear pants with ileostomy

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex, ostomy bag over panties

Women pushes ostomy bag into her pants.

Freedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex, women with stoma

Stoma guard and ostomy belt for women.

freedom-guard gtx, by Stomaplex

Stoma guard for men.

freedom-guard gtx, by StomaplexFreedom-Guard GTX, by Stomaplex, women lifts shirt to show ostomy

Men and Women Wear The Freedom-Guard GTX Stoma Guard

Are you are having trouble wearing normal clothes, the Freedom-Guard GTX by Stomaplex may help. See the size chart for more information and a size guide to help you determine the best size for your ostomy.