Police Officer – Law Enforcement

In this video you will see the police officer uses a stoma protector from Stomaplex to protect his stoma while on duty. The Stomaplex stoma protector with the hernia support belt protects this police officer’s ostomy from his work clothes. The stoma protector is available is many size to fit and cover the stoma of those working in law enforcement. Watch the video below to learn more.


Video – Police Officer – Stoma Protector

Watch him, in this video, dress and undress with a Stomaplex stoma protector. The Stomaplex belt allows him to wear his law enforcement duty belt as part of his uniform. In this video, he prefers the ostomy hernia belt for added support.

Stoma Protector: Police Officer

Law Enforcement Wear Stomaplex Guard

Stoma Protector: Police Officer

Police Officer Wears Stomaplex Stoma Guard

Stoma Protector: Police OfficerStoma Protector: Police OfficerStoma Protector: Police OfficerStoma Protector: Police Officer

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Stoma Protector

I recently purchased a stoma protector, the Freedom Guard and I LOVE IT! While riding in any vehicle, I was wearing a “donut” pillow (with a hole in the middle) around my stoma to protect it from my seat belt however, the pillow was always shifting under the belt and it never felt secure. Having to bring my “special” pillow into different vehicles made me feel exposed as if I was announcing myself as an ostomate. If I was driving, I spent as much time fiddling with the pillow as I did handling the steering wheel! Not good… The Freedom Guard stays put on my body – secure and snug – without being too tight or binding on me. I love that I can adjust the soft, comfortable straps for either a looser or tighter fit. I literally strap it on and go – and forget about it! One of the best features to me is that I don’t have to remove the Freedom-Guard to empty my pouch. I simply push it up higher on my stomach and I’m good to do whatever I need to do, then lift and push it back down into place. It’s really easy to use. I have also tried another “guard” type currently on the market but because it didn’t allow for output like the Freedom-Guard does it created a big mess inside my pouch doubling my clean up time and this made me feel worse about having my ostomy. The Freedom-Guard however allows me to put it on – and FORGET about it! I go about my day as usual with no worries. Now that’s FREEDOM!! Thanks Bob!!

A. Woods (Atlanta, GA)

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Helps prevent stoma leakage

Helps prevent stoma leakage

Learn more about the Equalizer and how it ca help prevent ostomy leaks.

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Girl wears a bikini with an ostomy bag.

Ostomy belt men, stoma guard men, police, ostomy bikini

Ostomy bag showing on girl in bikini.

Police officer Stoma Guard

Police officer protects his stoma.