Comfort Ostomy Belt

//Comfort Ostomy Belt

Comfort Ostomy Belt


This support ostomy belt design has two straps (1.5″) to enhance the adjustability for comfort. This item does not include the stoma guard. The two straps are sewn together where the belt attaches to the guard. Order this item to have a spare belt to go with guard. Machine washable.

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Comfort Ostomy Belt

Comfort ostomy belt by Stomaplex. Use this vertical ostomy belt with the Stomaplex stoma guard. This item is for the support belt. Stoma guard is not included. The Stomaplex belt allows you to wear your ostomy bag vertically for free flow. Stomaplex offers the most adjustable belt and stoma guard. Use the unique double adjustment to create the tension that is most comfortable. The Stomaplex comfort belt can be used as parastomal hernia belt.

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This item is the standard belt only.  By constructing the belts with microfiber, we were able to achieve greater comfort. A stoma guard is not included with this item. This standard belt design has two straps for improved comfort.

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Customizable Belt

The standard belt has two microfiber straps for greater adjustability. By adjusting the tension of the top strap, the guard will be angled with the bottom out. This will allow for greater flow from the ostomy bag. By pulling the bottom strap tighter the guard will have a flatter appearance. This belt attaches to a stoma guard through a Velcro fastening system. On the far end, the belt attaches to itself.

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The Stomaplex belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, swimsuits etc. Stomaplex belts prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water while swimming. Since it applies direct pressure to the appliance, it extends the wear-time of the wafer and can be used to support a parastomal hernia.

comfort ostomy belt, ostomy security

comfort ostomy belt


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Security by Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures contoured stoma protectors for patients that need a comfortable ostomy belt (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) With these guards there will be no pressure on your ostomy. Comfort ostomy belts to improve your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool. 

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