Ostomy Clothing – Comfort

//Ostomy Clothing – Comfort

Ostomy Clothing – Comfort


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The Pure-Comfort ATX is our comfort ostomy belt. The leather covering and padding is what makes this ostomy belt most comfortable.

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Ostomy Clothing – Comfort Ostomy Belt:

After surgery, finding a ostomy clothing for protection is very important. Stomaplex offers an ostomy belt with a stoma shield made of a microfiber material for ostomy clothing. The Stomaplex clothing belt has a two strap design for greater comfort.

Stoma Guard – Comfort

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the thinnest of the three stoma guards offered at Stomaplex. The Pure Comfort ATX has a leather on the outside surface and a leather padding on the inside. This ostomy belt & guard is for comfort. The leather surface feels great next to your skin.

Ostomy Belt Men

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Bob Zurowski, Owner of Stomaplex, will show you how easy it is to put on the Stomaplex belt and protect your stoma. This guard and belt is ideal for the working office or dressing up for church or your child’s wedding with an ostomy.

He is wearing the Pure Comfort guard and belt from Stomaplex with the Coloplast Sensura Mio Ostomy Bag.

With stoma protection from the Stomaplex belt and guard, there will be no pressure on your ostomy. This ostomy belt improves your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing.


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Stoma Shield – Stoma Guards

Protecting your ostomy is important with a stoma shield. Wear a Stomaplex stoma shield for comfort and to allow for free flow from stoma into bottom of ostomy bag. Improve your confidence and be more active with stoma shields by Stomaplex.

Stoma protector, stoma guard, stomaplex

Stoma protector by Stomaplex

The Freedom-Guard GTX is the original Stomaplex stoma protector design. Inside there is a neoprene padding with a nylon covering. This guard is the softest offered by Stomaplex. The padding cleans and dries quickly. Our stoma protector is recommended for the active life.

Ostomy Bag Holder, Stoma Guard, Stomaplex, Ostomy Belt for Swimming

Ostomy Belt For Swimming

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the toughest and most durable ostomy bag holder. Inside there is an FDA approved rubber padding. This bag holder will not absorb water in the swimming pool. This ostomy bag holder is recommended for ostomy sports.

Stoma Shield, Stoma Guard, Stomaplex, Ostomy Clothing

Ostomy Clothing

The Pure Comfort is the thinnest and most comfortable stoma shield. Inside there is a padding made of leather. This stoma shield is the lightest in weight offered by Stomaplex.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer Stop Ostomy Leaks

The Equalizer is a tool to apply pressure on the skin barrier when it is first adhered to the skin. The pressure from the Equalizer will help improve the bond.

Additional information

Guard Size?

X-Small (3.50" x 2.75"), Small (4.00" x 3.25"), Regular (4.50" x 3.25"), Narrow (4.00" x 3.75"), Large (5.00" x 3.75")

Stoma Clearance?

0.50", 0.75", 1.00"

Appliance Size?

1-3/8" (38 mm), 1-3/4" (45 mm), 2-1/4" (57 mm), 2-3/4" (70 mm)

Stoma Side?

Left Hand Side, Right Hand Side

Belt Style?

Standard Belt (3.0" Wide), Hernia Belt (4.5" Wide) + $15.00

Belt Size?

Size 25 (Fits 25-26), Size 27 (Fits 27-28), Size 29 (Fits 29-30), Size 31 (Fits 31-32), Size 33 (Fits 33-34), Size 35 (Fits 35-36), Size 37 (Fits 37-38), Size 39 (Fits 39-40), Size 41 (Fits 41-42), Size 43 (Fits 43-44), Size 45 (Fits 45-46), Size 47 (Fits 47-48), Size 49 (Fits 49-50), Size 51 (Fits 51-52), Size 53 (Fits 53-54), Size 55 (Fits 55-56), Size 57 (Fits 57-58), Size 59 (Fits 59-60)