Stomaplex Ostomy Belts and Stomaplex Stoma Guards

Stoma Guard Video:

Christy explains how the Freedom-Guard GTX helps her feel more confident.

Two ostomy belt styles.

The 2-Strap Belt is the best support belt for adjustability. Use this to adjust the tension of the top strap or bottom strap independently. This approach facilitates greater comfort for different body types. You can also adjust the angle of the Stomaplex stoma guard to allow the free flow.

The Hernia Belt is the best for compressing the parastomal area to prevent hernias from forming or to compress a hernia that is already present. This style has only one strap which is designed to hold and squeeze you more tightly. If you have a parastomal hernia or if you are concerned about developing one, this might be your choice. Another popular use for the wide belt is to hold the guard in position during sports (hockey, soccer, football, golf, swimming, roller derby, etc.)

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2-Strap Belts

Only $70.00

3.0" Wide
This vertical flow, belt is latex free with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. The dual strap belt design allows for manual adjustment of the tension. This support belt is so comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing it. The belt is quick drying and great for athletics. Designed to keep ostomy bag in the vertical direction for better flow.

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1-Strap Belt

Only $85.00

4.5" Wide
Our wide belts are latex free with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. This belt has a single strap and continues the flow free design. The tension allows for maximum compression. It is so comfortable, you'll forget that you have it on. It helps to prevent hernias.

Three stoma guards to choose:

Freedom-Guard GTX

The original Stomaplex guard. The soft neoprene padding cleans and dries quickly.

Freedom-Guard ATX

The only waterproof guard. The FDA rubber on this inner and outer surface is easy to clean. Recommended for sports.

Pure-Comfort ATX

Premium comfort in a stoma guard. Surfaces are covered with leather for a super lightweight and thinner protector.

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Starting at $249.00

Freedom-Guard GTX

The Freedom-Guard GTX is the original contoured guard . Inside there is a neoprene padding with a nylon covering. This padding inside the guard is the softest of the three offered here. The padding cleans and dries quickly.

ostomy support belt, Ostomy belt For Sports, exercising, ostomy protection

Starting at $249.00

Freedom-Guard ATX

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the toughest and most durable guard. Inside there is an FDA approved rubber padding. This will not absorb water. It is recommended for sports and athletics. Use this belt for sports and feel totally protected.

ostomy support belt, ostomy Bag Covers for comfort

Starting at $299.00

Pure-Comfort ATX

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the thinnest and most comfortable of our guards. Inside there is a leather padding. This guard is the thinnest and the lightest. We recommend this product for those who need the lowest profile.

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The Stomaplex Equalizer

The Equalizer is used for 10-20 seconds during the skin barrier change. It help to make a stronger bond between the skin and skin barrier.

Stop Ostomy Leaks

4 Sizes To Choose: Helps to improve the bond of the skin to the ostomy skin barrier.

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Only $24.00

Ostomy Care - The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a tool to apply pressure on the skin barrier when it is first adhered to the skin. For ostomy care, the pressure from the Equalizer will help improve the bond and prevent leaks. When swimming with an ostomy, prevent leaks with the Equalizer