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  • PHONE NUMBER: 570-560-1016

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About us

Stomaplex was established in 2012. We manufacture stoma guards and ostomy belts for patients with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.


Buy Stoma Guards and Ostomy Belts for Ileostomy, Colostomy, Urostomy. Stoma guards are contoured to cover your ostomy, Ostomy belts are soft and comfortable with microfiber.

Three styles to match your lifestyle and comfort needs.

The Freedom-Guard GTX is a great multi-purpose guard. It is both soft, easy to clean, and very comfortable.

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the best for ostomy sports and athletics. The non-absorbant construction makes it an ideal belt for swimming.

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the most comfortable guard. The thin and light weight materials make the guard invisible over your ostomy.

  • Sports Stoma Guard with Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

    Freedom-Guard ATX & Ostomy Belt

     Stoma Guard The stoma guard, Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable of all guards. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a rubber pad on the inside. This combination creates a tough and durable product. This guards cleans...

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  • Stoma Protector with Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

    Freedom-Guard GTX & Ostomy Belt

    Stoma Protector  The Stoma Protector, Freedom-Guard GTX has the softest padding. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a neoprene pad with nylon fabric for an inside pad. This combination creates a soft and comfortable...

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  • Comfort Stoma Guard with Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

    Pure-Comfort ATX & Ostomy Belt

     Stoma Shield The stoma shield, Pure Comfort ATX is the thinnest and lightest of all guards. The outside surface is covered in leather with a leather pad on the inside. This combination creates a super comfortable protector.  When you...

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  • Stoma Guard Discount Package

    Discount Package

    Ostomy Stoma Armor This ostomy stoma armor discount package include (1) Freedom-Guard ATX and (1) Pure-Comfort ATX with (2) Equalizers at a 35% discount. 

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  •  Ostomy Belt, Ileostomy Belt, Colostomy Belt

    Ostomy Belt

    Ostomy Belt. Order a spare belt to go along with one of the stoma guards This standard belt has a two strap design. Each strap is 1.5" wide. There is about 4 inches of total adjustment after it is attached to the stoma guard. All guards are sold with a...

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  • Ostomy Hernia Belt by Stomaplex

    Ostomy Hernia Belt

    Ostomy Hernia Belt This wide ostomy hernia belt is 4.5" Wide the entire length of the parastomal hernia belt. The tight compression helps compress the parastomal hernia. This belt has about 6 inches of total adjustment. This allows you to wear the...

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  • Ostomy Leaks

    The Equalizer

    Ostomy Leaks? Is your ostomy bag leaking? The Equalizer is a simple tool to help improve the bond between the ostomy wafer and the patients skin. Use the Equalizer for about 10 - 20 seconds when you freshly change the ostomy skin barrier and ostomy...

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