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  • PHONE NUMBER: 570-560-1016

  • FAX NUMBER: 570-651-9361

  • DUNS NUMBER: 05-508-4554

About us

Stomaplex was established in 2012. We manufacture stoma guards and ostomy belts for patients with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.

Veterans Ostomy Belt - Veterans Stoma Guard (3-Pack)

2.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Veterans Ostomy Belt - Veterans Stoma Guard - 3 Pack

Group 1 Includes a three pack of the FREEDOM-GUARD ATX Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard

DUNS NUMBER: 05-508-4554

FAX NUMBER: 570-651-9361cat-veterans-ileostomy-colostomy-urostomy-belt-guard.jpg


All Stoma Guards include an Ostomy Belt.

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable stoma guard offered by Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with same FDA approved rubber for an inside pad. This combination creates the most durable and longest lasting stoma guard available. Stomaplex recommends this ostomy belt and stoma guard for anyone who is interested in a stoma guard that is easiest to clean as it is non-absorbent.