Martial Arts: Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Review.

Stomaplex is the best stoma guard I have ever worn. It is the most comfortable, the best fitting, and the most conducive to the kind of hard training I do on a regular basis. I feel more confident when I have it on knowing my stoma and appliance are secure and protected from impact and injury. Many ostomates live in constant fear of pushing the boundaries and injuring themselves. Stomaplex gives you the freedom to live life boldly and train aggressively. Your ostomy gives you freedom from disease, and Stomaplex gives you freedom from the limitations an ostomy otherwise may bring. I highly recommend it. -- Joel Ellis.

Joel's favorite is the Freedom-Guard ATX.

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To make the best guard we considered differnt lifestyles. We think the best guard will be contoured to fit the shape of your ostomy. This helps with free flow and also helps it to be the most discreet. Our double contour design allows for the lowest profile available while maintaining free flow.



To Bob,

As a new ostomate, and a short person, my ostomy is the perfect height to be being constantly whacked by the edges of countertops, tables, etc. I was finding myself feeling very vulnerable when out in public.

The Freedom Guard has changed all of that. I find it astoundingly comfortable, and now I never need worry about being whomped resoundingly by a stranger's purse. I wasn't sure about the elastic belt and how comfortable it would be, but it really is a "put it on and forget about it" item. I can also wear my jeans, and pants with a waistband, which used to rub on my stoma to the point that I couldn't stand to have them on for more than 5 minutes. 

Last but not least, in the car, I no longer have to pull the lap belt out an inch or so, to stop it rubbing on my stoma. 

I am thrilled and delighted with this fabulous ostomy seat belt protector, and thanks so much for inventing it!

A very happy customer,

Cheryl Harris 


Oh my goodness Bob!! Thank you so much! I was able to show the ostomy nurses yesterday the products I purchased from you. They were impressed! This morning is the first time I'll be able to visit my students since my surgery and give them all the biggest hugs without being nervous about holding my tummy and protecting my stoma! Bless you and your business! Most grateful to you!

Vickie (Iowa)

In spite of the wonderful testimonials you have received, I feel compelled to add one more. For anyone who has an "outie" stoma (as I do) right on my belt line, the guard covers, protects and smooths out my body profile. It's so comfortable I hardly know I am wearing it. The guard provides the ultimate in protection, my clothes fit better and I never have to worry about. I just enjoy the overall security the Stomaplex gives me. If anyone is concerned about this accessory for their stoma appliance I can only say "try it, you'll love it!" Thanks again for inventing such a great product that really does improve the quality of my life,

Mike Lord (Vancouver, BC Canada)

Stoma Guard Review

"Bob sent me a Stomaplex Equalizer and once I started using it regularly, I realized I cannot ever go without one. I actually now have 2 just in case I forget to pack one if I go somewhere. By not only pressing hard for 30 seconds after you apply the wafer, but also bending the Stomaplex Equalizer and using the sides to press down on every single corner of your wafer around the stoma (no matter how your stoma is shaped), the wear time of the wafer easily goes up. I think it doubles my wear time without question. Trying to use my fingers to press the wafer down, etc just doesn't allow the same sort of equal pressure. Nor does it allow you to do the extra "pressing" from all sides. By using both methods I described, the wear time of the wafer gets DAYS added on. I think it is a must have for anyone with an ostomy."

Anahita (Maryland)

I recently purchased the Freedom Guard and I LOVE IT! While riding in any vehicle, I was wearing a "donut" pillow (with a hole in the middle) around my stoma to protect it from my seat belt however, the pillow was always shifting under the belt and it never felt secure. Having to bring my "special" pillow into different vehicles made me feel exposed as if I was announcing myself as an ostomate. If I was driving, I spent as much time fiddling with the pillow as I did handling the steering wheel! Not good... The Freedom Guard stays put on my body - secure and snug - without being too tight or binding on me. I love that I can adjust the soft, comfortable straps for either a looser or tighter fit. I literally strap it on and go - and forget about it! One of the best features to me is that I don't have to remove the Freedom-Guard to empty my pouch. I simply push it up higher on my stomach and I'm good to do whatever I need to do, then lift and push it back down into place. It's really easy to use. I have also tried another "guard" type currently on the market but because it didn't allow for output like the Freedom-Guard does it created a big mess inside my pouch doubling my clean up time and this made me feel worse about having my ostomy. The Freedom-Guard however allows me to put it on - and FORGET about it! I go about my day as usual with no worries. Now that's FREEDOM!! Thanks Bob!!

A. Woods (Atlanta, GA)


Got my Freedom Guard and belt yesterday tried it on to verify fit. Today I went to work fully dressed with a belt and shirt tucked in for the first time since my surgery “March 12th”. Wore it all day. Last week I was a sloppy President walking in with Sweats and shirt out. My wife was not happy with my appearance. I do a lot of ATV riding at my partners ranch in Texas “cattle and horses”. In the fall I plan on Scuba Diving in Bermuda and the guard is going to make it all happen. You saved me from trying to make something that I would never have the time or ability to create! Thank you so much!

Gary (Las Vegas, NV).

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with your product - Pure-Comfort™ GTX Ostomy Belt & Stoma-Guard. I had an ileostomy in January after being diagnosed with colon cancer and having to deal with colitis the past 10 years. After the surgery I have a pretty good size stoma that looks like a downspout. I'm a bulk driver for Staples and deal with breaking down and delivering anywhere from 10-15,000 lbs worth of freight every day. I was so scared about going back to work that I wouldn't be able to do all the physical activity that I'm used to doing. During my recovery time before returning to work, I did a bunch of research and came upon your product. Despite all the testimonials, I was afraid that the product would be bulky, but I decided to give it a try anyways. All that apprehension went away after the first day of using it. I can't thank you enough about how great your product is. It's so comfortable and durable. It doesn't get in the way and I can work just as hard as I did pre-surgery. It instills a lot of confidence. Thanks again for helping what seemed like a bad situation in January so much better. I'll never work without it!

Joe (Connecticut)

I've found some of the most difficult challenges in adapting to a permanent ileostomy to be the simplest of things, like comfortably wearing normal pants or a seatbelt. The Stomaplex belt and guard system has proved extremely helpful in accomplishing those basic tasks and also in restoring my confidence and ability to return to many of my previous physical and work activities. I have tried other similar products and believe Stomaplex offers the edge in comfort, fit and low-profile appearance. The belt and guard are extremely well designed and made of top quality materials. The secure, highly-adjustable fit also keeps my appliance more firmly in place, which has helped reduce skin irritation and extend wear time. Service is excellent as well, with quick and thorough responses to questions and rapid processing and delivery of orders. I recently purchased my second Stomaplex belt and guard and have also found The Equalizer helpful in ensuring good adhesion of the flange. I would highly recommend Stomaplex products to anyone seeking to make living with an ostomy a little easier.

Shawn (Canada)

Bob, I received my order and I am liking it a lot.

I have not had a chance to golf with it. So, that is still not answered. However, practice swings show no sign of hindrance.

What I do feel right away is the bag feels more secure and the belt is much more comfortable than the 1" belts sold by the ostomy companies.

Thanks for developing and selling this product.

Michael (New York)

Your guard has changed my mom's life. She had not been able to hardly leave the house due to not being able to wear her normal clothes. Thank you. I do appreciate it greatly.

Mechelle (KY)

Nice product. Working well for me and provides the confidence to get active once again. Thanks

John (MN)

I play golf 3 time a week in the summer. The Guard makes sure when I turn I don't tear of my pouch.

Thanks again Tom (OK)

Hi Bob just to let you know that I have received my guard ok and I put it on straight away and it feels really really great I can't begin to explain the feeling it gives me also I am looking forward to wearing my normal clothes again. I will certainly spread the word over on this side of the pond. Once again cheers .

Patrick (United Kingdom)


As a C-7 quadriplegic, I am at high risk for getting pressure sores, especially on my bottom. Due to this risk, I generally tend to sleep on somewhere in between my sides/stomach. However when I would do this on my right side (the side where my ostomy is), I noticed that I got frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Many of these UTIs required prescription antibiotics to treat me. Also some were so severe that I needed to be hospitalized.

Over time I realized that my UTIs were being caused by the fact that when I slept on my right side the weight of my body was constricting my stoma, and thus preventing the flow of urine from my bladder. This enabled bacteria to increase inside my bladder, often resulting a UTI.

Your Stomaplex guard/belt products shield my stoma from being pressed upon and allow free flow of urine from my body. I credit your products (along with drinking more water) with saving my career (I work full-time). Prior to using your products, I was seriously considering retiring from work, or taking a leave of absence due to the frequency and severity of my UTIs which required me to take many sick days, make frequent visits to my doctor, and even be hospitalized multiple times (including several stays in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit). After I began to use your product, I began to immediately get far fewer and less severe UTIs. I cannot thank you enough!!

Ed (Virginia)

stoma guard reviews, Ostomy Seat Belt Protector

I received my guard today. Very comfortable, can finally wear pants and a belt again. Thank You for making such a great product. Look forward to buying more products as I need them in the future.

Brian (Canada)

I greatly appreciate your engineering and customer service.

Dawn (Georgia)

I have been extremely pleased with the guard. My interest in the guard started when I advanced in karate to a brown belt a few months after my permanent ileostomy was formed. I started looking for a product that would help me feel secure at this level. I researched and discussed the options with many active ostomates but was not pleased with the choices. Often for a slighter woman, the other products are too bulky and do not allow our bodies to bend where they need to. I am 5' 6" and 140 pounds. I contacted stomaplex and learned from inventor Bob about the guard.

I am thrilled with the protection and security I get from it. I use the guard for every karate class. Honestly I never have to think about my stoma while in class anymore -- instead I can concentrate on the class. It has been liberating and wonderful.

Thank you!!! -- Michelle Mood

The guard has been great so far. It makes wearing normal clothes a lot easier and I am happy I bought it. I am very pleased with it and it fits good.

Thorsten (Florida)

It does give a sense of comfort and security. The belt is sized right.

Gene (Illinois)

I'm very happy with the fit and trim as well as the performance of the stomaplex stoma-guard. I've had no leaks due to blow out! The guard fits well, functions fine and feels good.

The stomaplex guard certainly enhances my comfort, protects my stoma and boosts confidence as well as self esteem! I wish that I knew about the guard when I first got my stoma! Thanks for shipping it so quick after the weather problems and flooding in PA!

Kevin (Indiana)

I am very pleased with the guard as it has allowed me to lead a normal active life again after many months of problems with my stoma which badly knocked my confidence. I have an active lifestyle and after my permanent ileostomy surgery I suffered from embarrassing leaks from my stoma appliance particularly when I was driving my car, bending down whilst gardening and out walking or cycling. Since wearing the guard I able to do all these things with confidence and the leaks are a thing of the past.

The guard is comfortable to wear and very easy to put on and after a few minutes you forget you are wearing it. It has been money well spent as it has given me the confidence to lead a normal active life again.

A big thank you

Steve (United Kingdom)


The guard is a fantastic product. It does everything claimed and I certainly feel more relaxed if I'm out and about for extended periods. Protection is brilliant. I'm lucky and never had a problem but know it was an accident waiting to happen. I do feel that Stoma-Guard has given me even more confidence.

Overall, it's a wonderful product that I think would benefit all Ostomates.

Michael (United Kingdom)

I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the guard product you designed. I have only had my permanent ileostmy for a few months and am still getting used to it. The guard gives me an added confidence when I am working on a project around the house that requires lifting or constant contact with building material. I also have more confidence wearing a belt with my pants and not having to worry that I am pressing down on my stoma.

It is clear you put a lot of thought in your product and I want to thank you for the relief you have brought me.

Jim (New Jersey)

I feel very comfortable with it on and I feel very protected. I really enjoy having it and feel confident when out in public knowing that I have my stomaplex ostomy protector on.

Damon (California)


I want to thank you for your product, the guard.

I had surgery in November 2011 for a total colectomy with Brooke Ileostomy, and at 39 I was horrified I would not be able to do all the things I love to do; motorcross, hiking, hunting, softball, football, etc. I was in a funk realizing I would be disfigured and unable to enjoy life again. After being referred to your site, I saw that I may possibly be able to continue having a "normal" life again. My father purchased the guard as a present for me the 1st week I was home from the hospital, and it arrived very quickly.

I now wear the belt as long as I comfortably can. I am still pretty sore from the surgery (8 weeks ago today) so I can only wear it for 3 or 4 hours at a time, but when I do I am confident I am covered. It's to the point that I don't feel comfortable without it. I am anxious for the darned stitches to heal and heal quickly, so I can wear it all the time! This is a life-saving product, as it has built my self-esteem back up to pre-surgery levels. Thank you,

Brian (Kansas)

Hi Robert (Bob),

I just wanted to thank you for the Active Life Guard from Stomaplex--I am going out of the house more now and this helps me feel more protected and less vulnerable!

I will be going back and forth to/from the Hospital a Lot the next 6 months+ (chemo colon cancer) and this is already making a positive difference in my life (helping me to feel like I am living instead of just "existing")

Thanks so much for creating/developing this great product and wishing you and yours all the best:)

Michael (New York)


The guard was actually purchased for my husband. I am the research and go to person for his supplies as this is all very new to us. Until we purchased your product, wearing pants was uncomfortable for him. His stoma is right on his waistband and we couldn't find pants that didn't bother him. He hasn't worn it too often as he is still recovering, but when he does he is delighted.

Thank you,

Therese (Illinois)


It is the wonderful product you have sent me.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me with your product, it is wonderful, the new petite size and lower profile makes me feel less self conscience about my appliance, and more secure that I am not going to harm my little stoma with a seat belt or in a crowd by some one getting overly anxious and running over me. Best of all I should be able to enjoy myself more at Disney this summer with my husband and teenage daughters riding the rides and not worrying about what may happen when I get thrown into the bars on the rides.

I will certainly be passing the word on about your product.

God Bless you!

Natasha (Kansas)

I really like the guard. It is extremely comfortable and i have not have my usual problems with leakage.

Darlene (Connecticut)


I have had Crohns Disease for many years. In December 2010 I had to have an ostomy due to complications from my disease. My stoma happened to be right where seat belts are when buckled. I found the guards from STOMAPLEX while doing a web search. I called and talked to Bob and decided to order the Freedom-Guard. I had all kinds of problems with my appliances from leaks to falling off to bumping my stoma. After I ordered my guard my life changed dramatically over night. It is so easy to apply the guard and it protects my stoma so well that I can do things that I thought I would not ever do again. It holds the wafer on 3 sides and I do not have to worry while I do the things that I enjoy doing. One of those things is that I can ride my snowmobile again without worrying about any leak from my bag or any pain when going down a bumpy trail. I also work on cars as a hobby. I can now bump my stoma and I totally forget I have an ostomy. This guard has totally changed my life. Thanks Bob

Bernie (Michigan)