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Freedom-Guard ATX

  • Freedom-Guard ATX
  • Freedom-Guard ATX Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt for Men by Stomaplex
  • Freedom-Guard ATX Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt for Women by Stomaplex
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 The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable of all guards. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a rubber pad on the inside. This combination creates a tough and durable product. This guards cleans and dries in seconds. 

  • Man holds stoma guard. The outside surface has two velcro strips to hold the ostomy belt. He is ready to ride his bicycle with an ileostomy.
  • the parastomal hernia belt offers the support to help compress a hernia. with a stoma guard attached to the inside of the ostomy belt, the 
stoma will be protected.

  • he attaches the stoma guard to the ostomy belt, his ostomy bag is from hollister, the stoma guard fits over the ostomy bag.
  • the wide ostomy belt is secure to the face of the stoma guard. coloplast ostomy bag is visible
  • man with ileostomy is healthly. the ostomy bag is over his underwear. stoma guard will be used to protect the stoma
  • the stoma guard is shaped to allow for free flow from the ileostomy, this man is bike shorts is confident with his ostomy protection

  • the ostomy belt is brought around to the front while the other hand hold the stoma guard over the ostomy bag
  • pull the tension of the belt for optimal hernia support. the stoma guard covers the ostomy bag on this man

  • the ostomy belt is brought all the way around. the belt attaches to the stoma guard and to the outside velcro on the belt
  • this man wears a parastomal hernia belt before becoming active with ostomy sports.

  • he pulls up his bike shorts over the ileostomy. the waistband on his shorts do not effect the flow from the stoma
  • now that he is completely dressed with his stomaplex stoma guard for protection, he is ready to go out and ride his bicycle


  •  Freedom-Guard ATX: Christy is an athletic young women with an ostomy.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX:  She likes to play hard when skating.

  • Freedom-Guard ATX:The Stomaplex stoma guard has a shape that works with my body and needs.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX: I'm so happy to share with you why I love the Stomaplex stoma guard.

  • Freedom-Guard ATX:  I place the stoma guard over my ileostomy.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX:  I attach the hernia belt to the stoma guard,

  • Freedom-Guard ATX: I place the stoma guard over the stoma and over the ostomy bag. Center the stoma in the guard to be sure that the flow for the ostomy is proper and not obstructed. Find the center of the guard and place it over the stoma.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX: With the parastomal hernia ostomy support belt attached, I start to bring the belt around to the back. The wider belt is going to help reduce the risk of developing a parastomal hernia by the pressure the belt is applying to the site around the ileostomy

  • Freedom-Guard ATX: Bring the belt to the front while holding the stoma guard in place with your right hand for a right sided ileostomy. The large area of Velcro loop with hook onto the face of the protector to help prevent the stoma guard from moving around.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX: Attach the belt to the guard. This help keep the stoma guard in position when contact during sports happens. The belt will stretch and reshape itself to the contour of your hips and waist. The ostomy belt is wide and comfortable and will not roll or bind around the waist.
  •  Freedom-Guard ATX: Finish adjusting the tension of the belt. The parastomal hernia belt is designed to be feel very tight and snug. You can see that this belt is going to provide a great deal of ostomy support around the site of the stoma or the parastomal. Parastomal hernias are common with women and men after ostomy surgery.
  •  Freedom-Guard ATX: Feel how smooth the belt is over the stoma. Chris loves the way the belt fits smoothly over and around her belly even with an ostomy guard on protecting the stoma. She really needs ostomy protection because Christy skates for a roller derby team in Washington DC.

  • Freedom-Guard ATX: Feel strong and confident enough to take on the world when you are wearing an ostomy support belt. The Parastomal ostomy support belt by Stomaplex is designed to help women with an ostomy regain her strength to fully recover after getting an ileostomy.
  • Freedom-Guard ATX: Christys favorite sport is roller derby and the Freedom-Guard ATX is best because it is so easy to clean after skating. I can give myself a punch on the stoma and not feel it because I have Stomaplex stoma guard on protecting my ileostomy