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Pure-Comfort ATX

  • Comfort Stoma Guard with Stomaplex Ostomy Belt
  • Pure-Comfort Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt for Men by Stomaplex
  • Pure-Comfort Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt for Women by Stomaplex
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Comfort Belt
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 The Pure Comfort ATX is the thinnest and lightest of all guards. The outside surface is covered in leather with a leather pad on the inside. This combination creates a super comfortable protector.  When you want the best and most comfortable, choose the Pure Comfort.

  • Pure Comfort ATX: The outside surface of the stoma guard is covered with leather. The Stomaplex stoma guard has a unique contour
  • The inside surface of the stoma guard is covered with leather. That color is available by request. The inside has a channel that allows for the stoma output to flow into the ostomy bag.
  • Place the stoma guard over the stoma. Make sure that the guard is comfortable.  Bring the Stomaplex ostomy belt around and to the front of your body
  • Finish attaching the ostomy belts two straps. Is the ostomy belt snug? A snug or tight belt will help keep the stoma guard in position
  • Finish getting dressed with an ostomy by tightenting the belt on your dress pants over your ostomy. It feels great to be able to wear a suit and tuck in your dress shirt into your suit pants with an ostomy as you head out to work in the office.
  • Pure Comfort ATX: Give the stoma guard a rap to prove to yourself that your stoma is totally protected from contact

  • Women who work in the office and need to look professional like the Pure-Comfort stoma guard. This guard is the thinnest and lightest in
weight of all guards. The leather coating on the guard is super low profile and you will forget that you have an ostomy
  • The special shape of the Stomaplex stoma guard is unique in that is allows for the stoma to be protected while allowing for 
proper flow of the stoma. Plus is fits and blends in nicely under pants and skirts that women wear to the office.
  • The inside padding is premium leather. Optional color shown. The leather is thin and light and feels great to the touch
  • Wrap the belt around your back holding the stoma guard in your hand. Notice, the stoma guard is already attached to the belt. 
In the other hand, hold the opposite end of the ostomy belt.

  • Place the stoma guard over the ostomy. If you press on the top, you will see the bottom of the guard tilt out allowing for 
greater flow from the ostomy
Pure Comfort ATX: Bring the belt to the from and attach it to the velcro strips on the stoma guard and to the landing pad on the side. 
The tension on top and the bottom of the guard can be adjusted independently

  • Attach the second strap of the belt to the guard and again to itself. Feel the support that this belt give your abdomen around the
site of the ostomy
  • With the stoma guard centered over the stoma and the ostomy belt tension made comfortable, you'll be ready to go to work in the office
with nice dress clothes like dresses, skirts, and pants