Freedom-Guard ATX - Men

Bob is very active with many types of sports. His favorite sport is bicycling and he was determined to not going to let his ostomy prevent him from riding again. His greatest concern was with the tight waist band of the bike shorts crossing over the stoma and preventing the flow into the ostomy bag. So he invented a stoma guard that will protect the stoma from his clothing and protect the stoma in the event of an accident on his bike. He plays many other sports including: tennis, soccer, volleyball. With the stoma guard over his ileostomy he is ready to ride the trails with his friends and feel confident.

  • advid bike rider has an ileostomy. he protects the stoma with a special guard from stomaplex.
  • man shows off ostomy bag before he puts on his ostomy belt and stoma guard from stomaplex, ostomy sports belt
  • man is ready to protect the stoma of his ileostomy. the stoma guard is sized for his ileostomy and allows for free flow
  • man holds stoma guard over coloplast ostomy bag before attaching the ostomy belt, ostomy sports belt
  • The parastomal hernia support belt on a man in bike shorts with a stoma guard
  • man wears a stoma guard for protection when he is out on his bicycle. the stoma guard protects the stoma from his bike shorts, ostomy sports belt

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