Freedom-Guard ATX - Women

Christy skates for a roller derby team and was so happy with her guard that she wanted to help promote Stomaplex stoma guards. Here she talks about how the stoma guard is comfortable and gives her more confidence to play her best in the rink. She like the special shape that allows for the output from her ileostomy

  • stoma guards to protect women sports with an ileostomy.
  • women with yoga pants has ileostomy. her stoma is protected with a stoma guard by stomaplex.
  • women positions the stoma guard and hernia belt over her ileostomy, ostomy sports women
  • Women feels the ostomy support belt with hands. she is ready to be active with sports while she has an ileostomy, ostomy sports women
  • Women wears parastomal hernia belt with a stoma guard before roller derby, ostomy sports women
  • Women with ileostomy has stoma guard under her yoga pants and is ready to go roller skating, ostomy sports women

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