Freedom-Guard GTX - Men

Bob talks about the benefits of the Freedom-Guard GTX. With this stoma guard, he is able to wear blue jeans and casual pants with his shirt tucked into his pants. He is also able to pull the belt on his pants tightly over the stoma. The stoma guard protects his ostomy from the presssure of seat belts and belts on jeans.

  • This stoma guard will help you wear blue jeans and pants for work in construction or factory work.
  • man holds stoma guard to show off the inside free flow feature. the ileostomy flow follows the channel in the stoma guard.
  • man shows ostomy bag with stoma guard in one hand. the ostomy belt and guard will protect his ileostomy for his blue jeans, ostomy sports men
  • Man positions Stomaplex stoma guard over the Coloplast ostomy bag. The stoma guard is sized for his ileostomy, ostomy sports men
  • Man lowers his pants to show ostomy bag and stomaplex stoma guard. The two strap ostomy belt design is perfect for him, ostomy sports men
  • Man in jeans tightens his belt over his ileostomy, ostomy sports men

    Tuck in your shirt into your jeans.

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