Freedom-Guard GTX - Women

Christy likes to play with her pets and without a stoma guard by Stomaplex her stoma was getting hurt by the nails of her pet dog. She is a girl on the go and doesn't want to worry about her ostomy bag or the potential of damaging her stoma. She chooses to wear the small stoma guard that hides nicely beneath her blue jeans. Without he stoma guard the output from her ileostomy would be restricted and she would end up with a leak. Now she is confident to go out about town and be with her friends for a fun afternoon.

  • Learn how this stoma guard will help protect women with a stoma from injury.
  • woman holds stoma guard to show off the inside free flow feature. the ileostomy flow follows the channel in the stoma guard.
  • woman shows ostomy bag with stoma guard in one hand. the ostomy belt and guard will protect his ileostomy for his blue jeans.
  • Women finished getting dress in blue jeeans with an ileostomy. the stoma guard protects her stoma from seat belts in the car.
  • Women lowers pants to show ostomy bag, stoma guard and panties. The ostomy belt has two straps for comfort adjustability
  • Women in blue jeans wear a guard over her ileostomy. The stoma guard by Stomaplex is low profile.

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