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About us

Stomaplex was established in 2012. We manufacture stoma guards and ostomy belts for patients with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.

Freedom-Guard ATX (Women)

Freedom-Guard ATX (Women)

23rd May 2020

Ostomy Sports Women

In this video, she protects her stoma with the ostomy hernia belt for sports. Her favorite sport is Roller Derby. This women has an ostomy and plays sports with a Stomaplex guard. In this video she demonstrates the Freedom-Guard ATX protector with the optional ostomy hernia belt. Before skating in roller derby, she wraps her ostomy bag with a Stomaplex belt.

Christy skates for a roller derby team and was so happy with her guard that she wanted to help promote Stomaplex stoma guards. Here she talks about how the stoma guard is comfortable and gives her more confidence to play her best in the rink. She like the special shape that allows for the output from her ileostomy

Video - Ostomy Sports Women

Watch Christy in this video show you how she protects her stoma playing ostomy sports. She is wearing the ostomy hernia belt for extra support. She prefers the wide ostomy belt for protection during full contact sports.