Ostomy Belt For Swimming - Video

Video Ostomy Belt: Swimming with an Ostomy

Ostomy Belt For Women: Ostomy Belt For Swimming - Video

Sarah was so happy with the Stomaplex ostomy belt, that she made a testimonial video. Here you'll see her rock climb, ride a bike, drive a car with seatbelt fastened over her ileostomy, and swim laps in a college swimming pool. 

Swim, hike, run, bike, and climb rocks with an ostomy.

Sarah is determined to regain her life after ostomy surgery. Here she proudly shows off what she is able to do now that she is wearing the Stomaplex ostomy belt. Sarah finds this is the best ostomy belt for swimming and rock climbing as well as riding a stationary bike. The stoma guard is well hidden under her swimsuit and nobody is able to notice that she has an ileostomy.

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Stomaplex Ostomy Swim Belt: When swimming with an ostomy it is important to protect your ostomy while wearing a swimsuit on the beach or in the water of a swimming pool or lake.

Swimming with an Ostomy:

When you have a stoma from an ostomy (colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy) there should be no reason why swimming isn’t an option. The seal of the ostomy skin barrier is tight and water will not seep into the bag or the output from the ostomy will not leak into the water. If you notice the tape collar of the wafer start to lift off you might want to consider using the Elastic Barrier Strips from Coloplast.

Be aware that your stoma will still function when you are swimming and for this reason avoid wearing tight bands that restrict the flow from your stoma. If the stoma’s output is restricted, you may experience “pancaking” around the stoma. This could result in a leak and an embarrassing moment since the swimming pool water may become contaminated. For this reason, I recommend using the Stomaplex stoma guard when swimming. The Stomaplex ostomy belt and guard keeps the ostomy bag and wafer tight to your skin allowing the stoma to flow and preventing leaks.

Stomaplex Ostomy Swimsuit Model: Maggie Baldwin

Swimming with an ostomy is fun and healthy.
 Protect your ostomy when swimming with an ostomy stoma. The stoma's output needs to flow to prevent ostomy leaks.
 Ostomy swimsuit model swims with an ostomy.
Ostomy belts for swimming with and ostomy bag. Ostomy model is wearing a bikini at the beach.