Ostomy Belt Review - Video Part 2

In this video, Christy will show you how to put on the Stomaplex ostomy belt. The microfiber design is soft next to the skin. The ostomy belt attached to the stoma guard through a Velcro hook and loop system.

Video: Stoma Guard - Ostomy Belt Review - Ostomy Protection - Women

Stoma guard For Men: Ostomy Belt Review - Video Part 2

Ostomy Belt Review - Video Part 2

See how she puts on the ostomy belt.

First she finds the center of the saftey dome and lines that up with the center of her appliance. She holds the guard with her right hand and attaches the belt with her left to the outside of it.

Watch the two-strap ostomy belt.

The two-strap ostomy belt allows for greater adjustability to the tension. For example: pull the top strap tighter to angle the bottom of guard out to facilitate better flow.

See how the guard protects her ileostomy.

With this belt protecting her stoma, she is now more confident to be active. Now she not longer worries about the elbows of her children or paws from her pet dog hurting her.

Learn how she is able to wear blue jeans with an ostomy.

The belt fits discreetly under her pants. She is now able to button up her blue jeans and not worry about the flow getting restricted.

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