Ostomy Hernia Belt

Jenna protects her parastomal hernia in this video with a Stomaplex ostomy hernia belt. Her parastomal hernia is small, but she doesn’t want it to get larger so she wears a belt. This belt has protected her ostomy from developing a parastomal hernia. Stomaplex offers two styles of the ostomy hernia belt. Watch the video below to see how it helps her.

Parastomal Hernia Ostomy Belt Protection

Here Jenna shows you why she is super happy with the Stomaplex ostomy belt. The low-profile stoma guard creates a very discrete
appearance and even under tight clothing her guard is not noticeable. She has a small parastomal hernia which is
compressed and protected. She is especially pleased that now she is able to play with her children and not worry about them jumping on her.


Video – Ostomy Hernia Belt

Watch Jenna in this video talk about playing with her children. Her stoma is protected from the elbows of the little ones and the paws of her dog.

, ostomy hernia belt , Parastomal hernia belt review. Women with ileostomy.

Ostomy hernia belt review. Women with ileostomy.

Women holds Stomaplex stoma guard. She uses a hernia belt for protection.

Women holds Stomaplex stoma guard. She uses a hernia belt for protection.

Women holds Stomaplex stoma guard. She uses a hernia belt for protection., ostomy hernia belt

Women with ostomy bag outside her pants.

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Women protects her ostomy bag with an ostomy hernia belt.

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Stomaplex stoma guard protects women’s ostomy bag, ileostomy

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Women lifts shirt to show ostomy bag and ostomy belt. See stoma protector.

Parastomal Hernia Belt

Got my Freedom Guard and the ostomy hernia belt yesterday tried it on to verify fit. Today I went to work fully dressed with a belt and shirt tucked in for the first time since my surgery “March 12th”. Wore it all day. Last week I was a sloppy President walking in with Sweats and shirt out. My wife was not happy with my appearance. I do a lot of ATV riding at my partners ranch in Texas “cattle and horses”. In the fall I plan on Scuba Diving in Bermuda and the Stoma guard is going to make it all happen. You saved me from trying to make something that I would never have the time or ability to create! Thank you so much!

Gary (Las Vegas, NV).

I’ve found some of the most difficult challenges in adapting to a permanent ileostomy to be the simplest of things, like comfortably wearing normal pants or a seatbelt. The Stomaplex belt and guard system has proved extremely helpful in accomplishing those basic tasks and also in restoring my confidence and ability to return to many of my previous physical and work activities. I have tried other similar products and believe Stomaplex offers the edge in comfort, fit and low-profile appearance. The belt and guard are extremely well designed and made of top quality materials. The secure, highly-adjustable fit also keeps my appliance more firmly in place, which has helped reduce skin irritation and extend wear time. Service is excellent as well, with quick and thorough responses to questions and rapid processing and delivery of orders. I recently purchased my second Stomaplex belt and guard and have also found The Equalizer helpful in ensuring good adhesion of the flange. I would highly recommend Stomaplex products to anyone seeking to make living with an ostomy a little easier.

Shawn (Canada)

Women Need Ostomy Hernia Belt

Jenna prefers the Stomaplex belt with the two strap design for her ostomy hernia belt. Her hernia is small so the Stomaplex belt has enough support for her ostomy. The Stomaplex belt allows her to wear her ostomy bag inside her jeans.

Stop Ostomy Leaks

Use the Equalizer to help seal the ostomy wafer to your skin for a better seal. This will help prevent ostomy leakage.

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Girl on the beach has ostomy bag and bikini swimsuit.

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Bikini on girl with ostomy bag. She is an ostomy model for Stomaplex

Parastomal Hernia Belt

Women protects her hernia. She wears a Stomaplex ostomy hernia belt over her ostomy bag.

Security by Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures contoured stoma protectors for patients that need an ostomy bag holder with an ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) With these guards there will be no pressure on your ostomy. Ostomy belts to improve your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool.