Ostomy Sports Women

In this video, she protects her stoma with the ostomy hernia belt for sports. Her favorite sport is Roller Derby. This women has an ostomy and plays sports with a Stomaplex guard. In this video she demonstrates the Freedom-Guard ATX protector with the optional ostomy hernia belt. Before skating in roller derby, she wraps her ostomy bag with a Stomaplex belt.

Christy skates for a roller derby team and was so happy with her guard that she wanted to help promote Stomaplex stoma guards. Here she talks about how the stoma guard is comfortable and gives her more confidence to play her best in the rink. She like the special shape that allows for the output from her ileostomy

Video – Ostomy Sports Women

Watch Christy in this video show you how she protects her stoma playing ostomy sports. She is wearing the ostomy hernia belt for extra support. She prefers the wide ostomy belt for protection during full contact sports.

Ostomy Sports WomenOstomy Sports WomenOstomy Sports Women

Sports Belt

I have been extremely pleased with the ostomy sports belt. My interest in the ostomy sport belt started when I advanced in karate to a brown belt a few months after my permanent ileostomy was formed. I started looking for a product that would help me feel secure at this level. I researched and discussed the options with many active ostomates but was not pleased with the choices. Often for a slighter woman, the other products are too bulky and do not allow our bodies to bend where they need to. I am 5′ 6″ and 140 pounds. I contacted stomaplex and learned from inventor Bob about the Stoma Guard.

I am thrilled with the protection and security I get from it. I use the Stoma Guard for every karate class. Honestly I never have to think about my stoma while in class anymore — instead I can concentrate on the class. It has been liberating and wonderful.

Thank you!!! — Michelle Mood

The Stoma Guard has been great so far. It makes wearing normal clothes a lot easier and I am happy I bought it. I am very pleased with it and it fits good.

Thorsten (Florida)

It does give a sense of comfort and security. The belt is sized right.

Gene (Illinois)

I’m very happy with the fit and trim as well as the performance of the stomaplex ostomy sports belt. I’ve had no leaks due to blow out! The ostomy sports belt fits well, functions fine and feels good.

The stomaplex stoma guard certainly enhances my comfort, protects my stoma and boosts confidence as well as self esteem! I wish that I knew about the stoma guard when I first got my stoma! Thanks for shipping it so quick after the weather problems and flooding in PA!

Kevin (Indiana)

I am very pleased with the ostomy sports belt as it has allowed me to lead a normal active life again after many months of problems with my stoma which badly knocked my confidence. I have an active lifestyle and after my permanent ileostomy surgery I suffered from embarrassing leaks from my stoma appliance particularly when I was driving my car, bending down whilst gardening and out walking or cycling. Since wearing the stoma guard I able to do all these things with confidence and the leaks are a thing of the past.

The stoma guard is comfortable to wear and very easy to put on and after a few minutes you forget you are wearing it. It has been money well spent as it has given me the confidence to lead a normal active life again.

A big thank you

Steve (United Kingdom)

Ostomy Belt for Women – Freedom-Guard GTX

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ostomy sports belt

ostomy sports belt

Women Active in Ostomy Sports

Maggie is an ostomy fitness model that is active in sports. Here she is modeling for the Stomaplex Equalizer which helps prevent ostomy leaks.

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Bikini Model in Swimsuit

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Ostomy Bag On Women

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Women protect the ostomy during sports

Security by Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures contoured stoma protectors for patients that need an ostomy bag holder with an ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) With these guards there will be no pressure on your ostomy. Ostomy belts to improve your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool.