Parastomal Support Belt - Video

Video Ostomy: Parastomal Hernia Belt - Women

Ostomy Belt For Women: Parastomal Hernia Support Belt - Video

Here Jenna talks about her parastomal hernia. She like the low profile design of the Stomaplex stoma guard. Now that her stoma is protected she doesn't have to worry about hugging her children. Her small parastomal hernia is compressed with the hernia belt by Stomaplex.

Parastomal Ostomy Protection


Here Jenna show you why she is super happy with the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt. This low-profile creates a very discrete appearance and even under tight clothing the stoma guard ishard to notice. She has a small parastomal hernia which is compressed and protected. She is especially happy that she is able to play with her children and not worry about them jumping on her.

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