Pure-Comfort ATX - Men

Pure Comfort Stoma Guard

Bob talks about the benefits of the Pure-Comfort ATX. He demonstrates how the ostomy belt is attached to the stoma guard and how the belt is wrapped around his body with the stoma covered and protected. With the stoma guard under his pants he is able to tuck his shirt into his dress pants and get dressed professionally for work in the office or feel confident enough to attend his child's wedding. He pulls the belt very tightly over his ostomy while the output from the stoma is free to flow to the bottom of the ostomy bag.

  • The best stoma guard is thin and light weight. Stomaplex makes a guard that protect the stoma on this man that is coated with leather
  • the stoma guard is shaped for the best fit. the inside is contoured for your ostomy. the padding is thin and light and you'll forget that you have an ostomy
  • The stoma guard is sized for the stoma to allow for free flow. the hollister ostomy bag is protected with the stoma guard
  • The ostomy belt has two straps for greater adjustability. the stoma guard protects the ileostomy on this man as he gets dressed for the office
  • Man in purple shirt wear stoma guard inside his pants. The stoma guard allows for free flow from his ileostomy.
  • Man in suit has ileostomy and wears a Stomaplex stoma guard to protect the stoma from his clothing and the desk. The stoma guard blends in with his clothing.

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