Pure-Comfort ATX - Women

Christy, in womens ostomy clothing is an office worker and needs to protect her ostomy from her clothing and various counter top while at work. Her stoma guard is shown in an option color. With her ostomy protected she feels more confident to engage in activities like carrying boxes of office paper as they usually rest of against her ostomy. The stoma guard allows her to adjust the tension of the ostomy belt by attaching the straps at different locations on the guard. The guard protects the stoma from the waistbands of skirts and pants.

  • Christy like stomaplex stoma guards for ostomy protection. She works in the office and wears and an ostomy belt for support with a stoma guard, womens ostomy clothing
  • the stoma guard is super low profile and the shape is discreet. choose the pure comfort for the best stoma guard, womens ostomy clothing
  • The stoma guard is shape to allow free flow into the ostomy bag. This women has a coloplast ostomy bag, womens ostomy clothing.
  • The stoma guard is great for women who work in the office and wear dress clothing with an ostomy, womens ostomy clothing
  • Women with ileostomy lowers her pants to show panties and stoma guard with ostomy belt
  • Women in pant suit has ileostomy and wears a Stomaplex stoma guard. Her ostomy guard is under her pants. The stoma guard is low profile, womens ostomy clothing.

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