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About us

Stomaplex was established in 2012. We manufacture stoma guards and ostomy belts for patients with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.

Pure-Comfort ATX (Men)

Pure-Comfort ATX (Men)

23rd May 2020

Ostomy Clothing Men - Video

In this video, Bob is wearing the Pure-Comfort ATX. This stoma guard is perfect for solving the ostomy clothing problem men often face when having an ileostomy. He protects his stoma from clothing with the thinnest and lightest in weight ostomy guard available. The color of the guard in this video is no longer an option. The contoured shape is made to the size of the stoma. See size chart for more information.

Bob talks about the benefits of the Pure-Comfort ATX. He demonstrates how the ostomy belt is attached to the stoma guard and how the belt is wrapped around his body with the stoma covered and protected. With the stoma guard under his pants he is able to tuck his shirt into his dress pants and get dressed professionally for work in the office or feel confident enough to attend his child's wedding. He pulls the belt very tightly over his ostomy while the output from the stoma is free to flow to the bottom of the ostomy bag.

Video - Ostomy Support

He is able to wear his suit for work in the office with the Stomaplex stoma guard. Watch his put on the free flow stoma guard. He has now has more confidence to be a valuable asset to the office at work. Without wearing a stoma guard, men like Bob would not be able to tuck their shirt into their pants because the belt on dress pants would restrict the flow for his ileostomy. This guard helps men solve the ostomy clothing problem.