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About us

Stomaplex was established in 2012. We manufacture stoma guards and ostomy belts for patients with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.

Pure-Comfort ATX (Women)

Pure-Comfort ATX (Women)

23rd May 2020

Ostomy Belt Women

In this video, she wears an ostomy belt from Stomaplex to protect her ileostomy. Ostomy belts for women are soft and comfortable. She is wearing the Pure-Comfort ATX stoma guard with the Stomaplex ostomy belt. The outer surface of the guard is leather with a leather padding on the inside. This stoma guard is the thinnest and lightest protector. Watch the video to learn more.

Christy is an office worker and needs to protect her ostomy from her clothing and various counter top while at work. Her stoma guard is shown in an option color. With her ostomy protected she feels more confident to engage in activities like carrying boxes of office paper as they usually rest of against her ostomy. The stoma guard allows her to adjust the tension of the ostomy belt by attaching the straps at different locations on the guard. The guard protects the stoma from the waistbands of skirts and pants.

Video - Ostomy Belt for Women

For working in the office Christy prefers the comfort ostomy belt. Watch her put on the Pure-Comfort ATX ostomy belt under her clothing.