Stoma Guard for Men in Athletics - Video - Bicycling with Ileostomy

Video: Stoma Guard For Men

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Bob Zurowski, Owner of Stomaplex, will talk about his favorite belt and stoma guard. Bob likes how easy it is to clean and how well it provides protection. He wears this protection all day and everyday. He is wearing the Freedom-Guard ATX Guard and Belt with the an Ostomy Bag from Coloplast. Ostomy protection for men who like to best. The guard on this belt will keep the waistband of your clothing and underwear off your appliance for better flow. If you looking for clothing? The Stomaplex belt will solve the need to wear loose clothing. This guard will support the appliance and prevent it from breaking free from the skin near. Parastomal hernias are uncomfortable and create an appearance that can show through clothing. The stomaplex belt and guard will apply pressure on the area around thus preventing a hernia from increasing or prevent a hernia from developing.