Stoma Guard for Women in Sports - Video - Yoga Pants

Video: Stoma Guard For Women

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Christy, a model, talks about her belt and stoma guard. She likes how easy it is to clean and how well it provides protection for her. She wears this protector - guard all day and everyday. She is wearing the Freedom-Guard ATX Stoma Guard and Belt from Stomaplex with the a bag from Coloplast. Protection for women and girls who like the most secure guard on the ostomy products market. The guard on this elastic belt will keep the waistband of your sports clothing, yoga pants and underwear away from your flow. If you looking for clothing the Stomaplex belt will solve the clothing need. This guard will support the skin barrier and prevent it from breaking free from the skin which will create a leak. Many women are in need to protect their stoma from waistband or even tight belly bands that are made for patients. The hernia belt and guard will allow the ostomy to function and fill the bag without restriction.