Stoma Shield for Women | Video | Ileostomy in the Office

Video: Stoma Shield For Women

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Ostomy shield protection for women who like to finest protection. The stoma shield on this belt will keep the waistband of your clothing and underwear away for free flow. If you need an band or wrap to support your stoma, try the Stomaplex belt. This shield will support the ostomy appliance at the top to prevent it from breaking free from the skin. Christy, will show you why she likes this shield. She wears this protection while wearing her dress clothes at the office. She is wearing the Pure-Comfort ATX Stoma Shield with an Coloplast Bag. If you have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy you need to make sure that a hernia doesn't form. The Stomaplex shield and belt will protect women from getting hernias.