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best stoma guard, custom stoma guard, DIY Stoma Guard

best stoma guard, custom stoma guard, DIY Stoma Guard

WOCN Stoma Guard Review

Stomaplex is a stoma protector I, and many patients, have been waiting for – finally someone designed a support belt that I can recommend to my patients in need of protection. There are many reasons why patients should consider using this guard, the most important being the safety and security it provides. Of course, the number one reason is the ability to safely wear a seatbelt. That is the best stoma guard for security and support.

Reviewed by, Pearl R. Harmany, BSN, RN, CWOCN

The Stomaplex Belt

Stomaplex stoma protectors are contoured to your shape making them the best stoma guard. We offer the best belt with an extensive list of sizing options for the depth, the width of the channel, and its overall dimensions. The beauty of these protectors is the shape that allows for the output from the stoma to flow but not more bulcky than it needs to be. The support belt is meant to cover the appliance. With it covered correctly the flow of output will be free to flow to the bottom of the ostomy bag. Women and men will become more active and confident. Soon you'll forget that you have it on. The guard can stay in place when you empty the bag.

Design it for yourself.

Stomaplex Belts.

Stomaplex advantage

Stomaplex advantage


Each will protect your stoma equally well. The difference is with comfort and activity type. The Freedom-Guard ATX is best for athletic activity whereas the Pure-Comfort is best for wearing suits or clothes for the office. The Pure-Comfort has a thinner profile and lighter weight design. The Freedom-Guard is more durable with a rugged design.

Freedom-Guard GTX

The Freedom-Guard GTX has the softest padding of all Stomaplex and is the perfect ostomy swim wrap. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a neoprene pad with nylon fabric for an inside pad. This combination creates a soft comfortable guard available. This Stomaplex comes clean and dries in minutes. The perfect ostomy swim wrap. The Freedom-Guard GTX is a great multi-purpose guard. It is both soft, easy to clean, and very comfortable.

Freedom-Guard ATX

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable Stomaplex guard. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with same FDA approved rubber for an inside pad. This combination creates the most durable and longest lasting guard available. Stomaplex recommends this for anyone who is interested in a stoma guard that is easiest to clean. This is our favorite ostomy guard for sports. The Freedom-Guard ATX is the best for ostomy sports and athletics. The non-absorbant construction makes it an ideal belt for swimming.

Pure-Comfort ATX

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the finest of all Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in leather with a leather inside pad. This combination creates the thinnest and lightest guard available. Stomaplex recommends this for anyone who is interested in the best there is to offer in stoma protection. This ostomy wrap is designed for comfort. The Pure-Comfort ATX is the most comfortable Stomaplex ostomy guard. The thin and light weight materials make the guard invisible over your ostomy.

Customize your size and material based on your activity. We offer three styles of Stomaplex. The Freedom-Guards are desinged those interested in being more active. Another guard called the Pure-Comfort ATX which is designed for light weight and a more luxurious feeling.

Vertical Flow

2-Strap Comfort Design

 support belt

The two straps criss cross in the back for a narrow 1.5" band then come back to the front. This two strap design to this flow free belt is so comfortable that you'll forget that you have it on. Expect about 4" of adjustment.

1-Strap Hernia Design

 hernia belt

Choose this style for maximum support. The microfiber holds onto the Velcro to keep you protected. Expect about 6" of total adjustment to these belts.

Sound Protection


Each guard covers and helps muffle sounds. The construction of the guard to gradually absorb the sound through several layers of material. Loud sounds will pass through but the overall muting of the sound will be acceptable. If this is your main concern, choose the Freedom-Guard GTX with the soft neoprene padding.

Low Profile & Light Weight Design

Contoured to Your Size

Each protector has a contoured dome to protect the stoma. Adjust the size of the stoma dome to allow for free flow. The overall dimensions of the protector are also configurable. Tall patients have the option to expand the vertical dimension of the guard so that it will extend further down into the pants. Also a thin person is able to choose a protector that has a more narrow footprint which will then be more comfortable.

All products are custom made to your specific measurements. They are contoured for maximum comfort while allowing the output to flow. All of the free flow guards work with Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast, etc.

Covers and Wraps


The product applies pressure on your appliance. Our bag covers improves your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing.

Are you wondering how you will wear your pants when you get dressed? So often the waistband of jeans restricts the flow from the stoma. When the flow gets resticted it is called pancaking. Pancaking ususally results in leaks. When the pouch or the flow is restricted pressure is formed and the skin barrier lifts off the skin. When you wear a belt with a cover, there will be direct pressure on the barrier.

General Information:

Each guard comes with an elastic belt, which attaches with Velcro and allows for manual adjustment.

These products protect the patient's ostomy from external contact caused by things like clothing and seatbelts.

This guard also allow patients to live a more active lifestyle. You won't need to be concerned about damaging the stoma through impacts that occur during daily activities and sports.

The protector prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water.

Since the guard applys direct pressure to the appliance, they extend the wear-time of the wafer and protects your clothing.

The protective cover is held away from your stoma by a contoured shape which wraps around your body.

The pad on the inside of the belt applies pressure on the appliance assisting in its securement, thus reducing the risk of leaks.

All of these products will allow you to go about all your daily activities with total confidence.

How To Wear

Discover how Stomaplex has designed a stoma protector for free flow. Find your size or customize your fit. Over 100 sizes available.

Leak Management

Maggie uses the Equalizer to apply pressure on the skin barrier to make the bond stronger. The Equalizer is available in four sizes. It is felxible and reusable.


Read reviews from out customers who purchased Stomaplex. They needed help with clothing, sports, getting dressed, going back to work, and spending time with their children.

WOCN Review

Read a review from certified WOCN. Choose from over 100 size or do it yourself and design the best fit. This is why Stomaplex is the ultimate in security and ostomy protection.

Hernia Belt:

Use the 4.5" wide belt to compress or prevent hernias. The microfiber inner surface feel soft on the skin.

Veterans Belt:

Veterans of the USA armed forces may be eligible to receive an ostomy protection package that is size just for them. Contact your VAMC ostomy nurse or call Stomaplex at 570-560-1016.

Veterans Ostomy Care:

Stomaplex is registered with SAM.GOV as a provider to the VAMC. Contact your VAMC to learn if you are eligable to receive your ostomy protection package for Veterans care. As with all of our stoma protectors, these are custom made to the specific size of the patient.

Call: 570-560-1016