Stomaplex Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt Frequently asked questions

Thank you for considering the STOMAPLEX Ostomy Belts and Stoma Guards. Below are the frequently asked questions that may help you understand these products better.

Thank you for looking.

Can I return these products if they are not for me?


You have five days after you receive the product to contact Stomaplex and request a refund or exchange.

How do I decide between the ATX vs GTX stoma guards? What is the difference?

Basically the ATX version of the Pure-Comfort and Freedom Guard are much more durable and water friendly.  Whereas, the GTX counterpart is softer.  I prefer the ATX since it is more durable.

Are these products covered by insurance?

In most cases, YES! 

You will have to contact your insurance company to confirm and to request a reimbursement.

Stomaplex does not process these claims.

Is the guard washable?

To clean the Freedom-Guard ATX, Freedom-Guard GTX, and Pure-Comfort ATX, I would use a mild dishwashing soap and an old toothbrush. These pads are designed for going under water so be generous with flushing it clean.

The calfskin pad on the Pure-Comfort ATX will take longer to dry. If you need to, use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Is the belt washable?

Yes. The ostomy belt can even be washed in the clothes washer and dryed in the dryer.

Will the stoma guard help prevent ostomy leaks?

Yes. The constant pressure on the outer ring of your wafer will hold the wafer to your body preventing ostomy leaks.

Why does the belt have two straps?

By having two straps, the user is able to adjust where they want the pressure. During the development of the product, a women in my focus group mentioned that she would need to be able to tighten the top portion more because of the shape of her hips.

Why did you design the shape as it is?

I wanted an ostomy protection that had the least amount of visibility through the clothes. To achieve this, I needed to have the sides thinner while keeping the center portion with enough clearance to allow for the stool to flow easily and for a stoma which protrudes out of the skin.

Why did you build this guard?

In order for me to drive to work, I need some way to fasten the seat belt in the car even though it crosses over my stoma and can pinch off the bag. Even worse, it could pull the wafer off of my skin. I tried a similar product, but found the bulky belt to be extremly uncomfortable while sitting in the seat of the truck or car. I also wanted something that I could bend ever so slightly to conform to the shape of my body. This is how I developed the customizabe and extremly low profile stoma guard.

To me the guard feels like I have a second layer of flesh covering my stoma. The nurses in the hospital told me that I didn't need to worry about damaging the stoma from impact or trama. I didn't want to find out.

What's the idea behind The Equalizer?

I watched a video from Convatec where the subject was using her finger to apply pressure between the outer ring of the wafer and the stoma to help the durahesive stick to the skin. I tried this technique, but I was not able to apply pressure right up next to the wafer and my finger could only make contact with one point at a time. So I could apply a more even and equal (thus "The Equalizer") pressure by using a tube. Be careful, as I'm sure you will be, not to apply pressure to the stoma itself.

What products are you using?

I am using Coloplast's Sensura Mio. I started using these because I liked the idea of being able to change my bag very quickly and easily. In about 10 seconds, I can have a new bag on.

What is it about the guard that you like the best?

To put it simply, I like feeling that I don't have a stoma sticking out of my gut. With the guard covering the stoma, I feel so much less vulnerable to contact of any kind. I feel so much more confident moving around. The guard feels so comfortable, it's like having a cupped hand always pressing the wafer to the skin.

Why do we need ostomy protection?

This type of ostomy protection will give you more confidence to go about your daily activities. You won't have to worry as much about people or objects touching your stoma plus by having this gentle pressure on the outer ring of the wafer will make the adhesion more secure and last longer.