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WOCN Stoma Guard Review

Stomaplex is guard I, and many patients, have been waiting for – finally someone designed a products that I can recommend to my patients in need of protection. There are many reasons why patients should consider using this, the most important being the safety and security it provides. Of course, the number one reason is the ability to safely wear a seatbelt. Recommended for security and support.

Reviewed by, Pearl R. Harmany, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Stomaplex guards are contoured to your shape. The guard can be sized for the depth, the width of the channel, and its overall dimensions. These products are shaped to allow for the output to flow.

All guards include a choice of ostomy support belt: 2-strap or 1-strap (Hernia Belt)

Three Guard Styles.

Each will protect your stoma equally well. The difference is with comfort and activity type. The Freedom-Guard ATX is best for athletic activity whereas the Pure-Comfort is best for wearing suits or clothes for the office. The Pure-Comfort has a thinner profile and lighter weight design. The Freedom-Guard is more durable with a rugged design.

ostomy belt for swimming

Starting at $249.00

Freedom-Guard GTX

The Freedom-Guard GTX is the original guard. This is our favorite for swimming. Inside there is a neoprene padding with a nylon covering. This padding is the softest of the three offered here. The padding cleans and dries quickly. We think this is best for swimming.

ostomy belt for sports

Starting at $249.00

Freedom-Guard ATX

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the toughest and most durable. Inside there is an FDA approved rubber padding. This will not absorb water. It is recommended for sports and athletics to help you feel totally protected.

Ostomy belt for comfort

Starting at $299.00

Pure-Comfort ATX

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the thinnest and most comfortable. Inside there is a padding made with leather. This guard is the thinnest and the lightest in weight. We recommend this product for those who need the lowest profile.

Stomaplex, The Equalizer

Only $24.00

Ostomy Care - The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a tool to apply pressure on the skin barrier when it is first adhered to the skin. The pressure from the Equalizer will help improve the bond and prevent leaks.

Freedom-Guard GTX

The Freedom-Guard GTX has the softest padding of all Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a neoprene pad. This combination creates a soft comfortable product. This Stomaplex comes clean and dries in minutes. The Freedom-Guard GTX is a great multi-purpose guard. It is both soft, easy to clean, and very comfortable.

Freedom-Guard ATX

The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with same FDA approved rubber for an inner pad. This combination creates the most durable and longest lasting guard available. Stomaplex recommends this for anyone who is interested in a products that is easiest to clean. This is our favorite guard for sports. The Freedom-Guard ATX is best for sports and athletics. The non-absorbant construction makes it an ideal belt for cleaning.

Pure-Comfort ATX

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the finest of all Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in leather with a leather inner pad. This combination creates the thinnest and lightest guard available. Stomaplex recommends this for anyone who is interested in the best there is to offer in stoma protection. This guard and belt is designed for comfort. The Pure-Comfort ATX is the most comfortable. The thin and light weight materials make the guard invisible over your ostomy.

Customize your size and material based on your activity. We offer three styles of Stomaplex. The Freedom-Guards are desinged those interested in being more active. Another guard called the Pure-Comfort ATX which is designed for light weight and a more luxurious feeling.

stoma guard comparision chart

The Ostomy Support Belt

Order a Spare Belt: These belts do not include a guard.

Stomaplex ostomy support belts are designed to cover and protect your ostomy. We offer the most comfortable ostomy belt made with microfiber in many sizing options. With your ostomy covered correctly the flow of output will flow freely to the bottom of the bag. Women and men will become more active and confident. Soon you'll forget that you have it on. The guard and belt can stay in place when you empty the bag.

Stomaplex guards are contoured to your shape. The guard can be sized for the depth, the width of the channel, and its overall dimensions. The beauty of these products is the shape that allows for the output from the stoma to flow but not more bulcky than it needs to be.

Two Ostomy Support Belt Styles.

The 2-Strap Support Belt is best for adjustability. Use this to adjust the tension of the top or bottom of the support belt independently. This approach facilitates greater comfort for different body types. You can also adjust the angle of the guard to allow for greater flow.

The Hernia Support Belt is the best for compressing the parastomal area to prevent hernias from forming or to compress a hernia that is already present. This style has only one strap which is designed to hold and squeeze you more tightly. If you have a parastomal hernia or if you are concerned about developing one, this might be your choice. Another popular use for the wide belt is to hold the guard in position during sports (hockey, soccer, football, golf, swimming, roller derby, etc.)

standard ostomy support belt

2-Strap Belts

Only $70.00

3.0" Wide
Made with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. The dual strap design allows for greater adjustment. This belt is so comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing it. It is quick drying and great for athletics. Designed to keep bag in the vertical direction for better flow.

hernia ostomy support belt

1-Strap Belt

Only $85.00

4.5" Wide
Made with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. This belt has a single strap design. The tension allows for maximum compression. It is so comfortable, you'll forget that you have it on. It helps to prevent hernias.


Size Guide

Size Guide

Size Guide

How to size your Stomaplex

Guard Size

A function of your body size.

If you are shorter than 5'6", choose "SMALL" for the Guard Size.

If you are taller than 6'2" choose "TALL" for the Guard Size.

So, if you are between 5'6" and 6'2" choose the "LARGE" for the Guard Size.

However if you are thin or you simply want a smaller guard, choose the "NARROW" for the Guard Size.

Stoma Clearance

A function of the height of the stoma.

Measure the height of the stoma beyond the skin barrier.

If the height of the stoma measures 0.5" or less, choose a Stoma Clearance of 0.75".

If the height of the stoma measures 0.75", choose the 1.00" for Stoma Clearance.

Appliance Size

A function of the diameter of the stoma or the size of the two-piece flange.

If you wear a 2-piece pouching system.

The Appliance Size is the same as your flange size. For example: 38mm (1-3/8"), 45mm (1-3/4"), 57mm (2-1/4"), 70mm (2-3/4").

If you wear a 1-piece pouching system.

The Appliance Size is based on the diameter of the stoma.

If the stoma measures 1.25" or less choose 57mm (2-1/4").

If the stoma measures greater than 1.25" choose 70mm (2-3/4").

Belt Size

Measure the circumference of your body over the stoma.

Please Measure - do not use the size of your clothing for our belts.

Fill out my online form .

Custom Made For You

Call 570-560-1016

We are able to customize the size and shape of your guard.

Choose from over 100 sizes that are available to ship whithin 5 business days.

Welcome to Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures a microfiber support belts with a customizable guard. Our products are designed to: 1) protecting the stoma from injury, 2) allow for free flow into the ostomy bag, 3) be as discreet as possible. Each belt is available with either a 2-strap design or 1-strap hernia belt.

We believe that the best hernia belt needs to perform three functions: 1) To Protect the Ostomy, 2) To Allow Free Flow, 3) To Be Low Profile. Stomaplex uses a microfiber in all of their products to enhance comfort. You won't find a better protector.

Choose Your Guard and Belt

FDA Rubber Padding

Sports Belt

For exercising we like this product. You can option your support level: hernia or comfort.

We like the Freedom-Guard ATX for sports. The rubber coating and padding are easy to clean.

 exercise belt for women

For sports, Christy wears the Freedom-Guard ATX with the wide belt. Roller derby is her favorite sport.

exercise belt for men

When Bob is out bicycling, he wears the wide belt with the Freedom-Guard ATX. He needs to protect his stoma in case he would fall while riding.

Leather Padding

Comfort Belt

When you need to look your best. This guard is designed to be the most discreet.

The Pure-Comfort ATX is the thinnest and lightest. The outside and inside surfaces of this guard are covered with leather.

comfort belt

For work in the office Christy goes with the comfort belt. The Pure-Comfort ATX conceals and protects her ostomy with a low profile design.

comfort belt

When Bob dresses in a suit for work he wears the thinnest and lightest. The Pure-Comfort ATX belt is the most comfortable and discreet product.

Neoprene Padding

Swim Belt

The quick drying swim belt with a neoprene padding on the inner surface of the guard helps you to get dressed more quickly.

The soft neoprene padding on the inside of the Freedom-Guard GTX is easy to dry after swimming.

 swim belt and wrap for running

See Christy protects her ileostomy. For swimming and other activities she likes the Freedom-Guard GTX.

 swim Wrap

Here, you see Bob dressed in casual pants with an ileostomy. The 2-strap design with the GTX is his prefered style when he is wearing jeans.

Ostomy Care : The Equalizer

Maggie uses the Equalizer to prevent ostomy leaks. Learn more and watch video.

stop leaksThe Equalizer

prevent leaksThe Equalizer

stomaplex testimonials



I recently purchased the Freedom Guard GTX and I LOVE IT! While riding in any vehicle, I was wearing a "donut" pillow (with a hole in the middle) around my stoma to protect it from my seat belt however, the pillow was always shifting under the belt and it never felt secure. Having to bring my "special" pillow into different vehicles made me feel exposed as if I was announcing myself as an ostomate. If I was driving, I spent as much time fiddling with the pillow as I did handling the steering wheel! Not good... The Freedom Guard belt stays put on my body - secure and snug - without being too tight or binding on me. I love that I can adjust the soft, comfortable straps for either a looser or tighter fit. I literally strap it on and go - and forget about it! One of the best features to me is that I don't have to remove the Freedom-Guard to empty my pouch. I simply push it up higher on my stomach and I'm good to do whatever I need to do, then lift and push it back down into place. It's really easy to use. I have also tried another "guard" type currently on the market but because it didn't allow for output like the Freedom-Guard does it created a big mess inside my pouch doubling my clean up time and this made me feel worse about having my ostomy. The Freedom-Guard however allows me to put it on - and FORGET about it! I go about my day as usual with no worries. Now that's FREEDOM!! Thanks Bob!!

A. Woods (Atlanta, GA)



So far I've only owned the Freedom-Guard ATX for a few days, but after wearing it for only an hour my hernia has disappeared. I pushed the hernia inside, put the guard on tight, flexed my abdomen a bit and my hernia has stayed in place since then!! I haven't worn the guard since just to see how it does, and I'm not saying everyone will have this experience, but I can say that I have had a hernia now for 1.5 years (since right after my first surgery to create my ileostomy) and at no time in those 18 months have I been able to "fix" my hernia. I can push it back in but it always popped right back out. Now it has been in place for 3 full days with no support whatsoever. And as far as the rest of the product, it came timely with great support from Bob, it works exactly as stated, the belts and guard are very high quality, packaging was great. I really have no complaints and honestly for me this is going to be a hernia maintenance tool. I don't know what will happen, but if I can push out hernia surgery indefinitely this product will have paid for itself many times over. Obviously this is probably a rare experience, but I think this product's potential value in preventing, treating, supporting hernias is amazing. My parastomal hernia has caused me a lot of stress and just to not have it for a few days has given me such a boost. My stomach looks normal again!!! Thank you Bob and Stomaplex... Unreal.




I've found some of the most difficult challenges in adapting to a permanent ileostomy to be the simplest of things, like comfortably wearing normal pants or a seatbelt. The Stomaplex system has proved extremely helpful in accomplishing those basic tasks and also in restoring my confidence and ability to return to many of my previous physical and work activities. I have tried other similar products and believe Stomaplex offers the edge in comfort, fit and low-profile appearance. The belt and guard are extremely well designed and made of top quality materials. The secure, highly-adjustable fit also keeps my appliance more firmly in place, which has helped reduce skin irritation and extend wear time. Service is excellent as well, with quick and thorough responses to questions and rapid processing and delivery of orders. I recently purchased my second and have also found The Equalizer helpful in ensuring good adhesion of the flange. I would highly recommend these products to anyone seeking to make living a little easier.

Shawn (Canada)



I just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with your belt - Pure-Comfort™ ATX . I had surgery in January after being diagnosed with colon cancer and having to deal with colitis the past 10 years. After the surgery I have a pretty good size stoma that looks like a downspout. I'm a bulk driver for Staples and deal with breaking down and delivering anywhere from 10-15,000 lbs worth of freight every day. I was so scared about going back to work that I wouldn't be able to do all the physical activity that I'm used to doing. During my recovery time before returning to work, I did a bunch of research and came upon your product. Despite all the testimonials, I was afraid that the product would be bulky, but I decided to give it a try anyways. All that apprehension went away after the first day of using it. I can't thank you enough about how great your product is. It's so comfortable and durable. It doesn't get in the way and I can work just as hard as I did pre-surgery. It instills a lot of confidence. Thanks again for helping what seemed like a bad situation in January so much better. I'll never work without it!

Joe (Connecticut)

Low Profile & Light Weight Design

Contoured to Your Size

Each protector has a contoured dome to protect the stoma. Adjust the size of the dome to allow for free flow. The overall dimensions of the protector are also configurable. Tall patients have the option to expand the vertical dimension of the guard so that it will extend further down into their pants. Also a thin person is able to choose a protector that has a more narrow footprint which will then be more comfortable.

All products are custom made to your specific measurements. They are contoured for maximum comfort while allowing the output to flow. All of these guards work with Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast, etc.

General Information:

Each guard comes with an elastic belt, which attaches with Velcro.

These products protect the patient's ostomy from external contact caused by things like clothing and seatbelts.

This guard also allow patients to live a more active lifestyle. You won't need to be concerned about damaging the stoma through impacts that occur during daily activities and sports.

The protector prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water.

Since the guard applys direct pressure to the appliance, they extend the wear-time of the wafer and protects your clothing.

The protective cover is held away from your stoma by a contoured shape which wraps around your body.

The pad on the inside of the belt applies pressure on the appliance assisting in its securement, thus reducing the risk of leaks.

All of these products will allow you to go about all your daily activities with total confidence.

How To Wear

Discover how Stomaplex has designed a stoma protector for free flow. Find your size or customize your fit. Over 100 sizes available.

Leak Management

Maggie uses the Equalizer to apply pressure on the skin barrier to make the bond stronger. The Equalizer is available in four sizes. It is felxible and reusable.


Read reviews from our customers. They needed help with clothing, sports, getting dressed, going back to work, and spending time with their children.

WOCN Review

Read a review from certified WOCN. Choose from over 100 size or do it yourself and design the best fit. This is why Stomaplex is the ultimate in security and ostomy protection.

Hernia Belt:

Use the 4.5" wide belt to compress or prevent hernias. The microfiber inner surface feels soft on the skin.

Veterans Belt:

Veterans of the USA armed forces may be eligible to receive belt package that is sized just for them. Contact your VAMC ostomy nurse or call Stomaplex at 570-560-1016.

Veterans Ostomy Support Belt:

Stomaplex is registered with SAM.GOV as a provider to the VAMC. Contact your VAMC to learn if you are eligable to receive your ostomy support belt. All of our products are custom made to the specific size of the patient.

Call: 570-560-1016