Ostomy Belts

All ostomy belts and wraps are made with latex free microfiber.

Microfiber ostomy belts and wraps provide parastomal hernia support for a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy patient.

For Use With Stomaplex Stoma Guards

Ostomy Belt

2-Strap Comfort Belt for Ostomy, ostomy belts and wraps


Ostomy Belt

Only $65.00

Stomaplex Stoma Guard not included.

3.0" Wide Ostomy Wrap
These belts are made with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. The dual strap design allows for greater adjustment. This ostomy support belt is so comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing it. It is quick drying and great for athletics. This colostomy belt will keep the bag in the vertical direction for better flow.

Ostomy Wrap

Ostomy wrap, Hernia Prevention, Parastomal Hernia Belt, ostomy belts and wraps


Ostomy Wrap

Only $80.00

Stomaplex Stoma Guard not included

4.5" Wide Ostomy Wrap
This wrap is made with a microfiber inner surface for maximum comfort. This support belt has a single strap design. The tension allows for maximum compression. It is so comfortable, you'll forget that you have the belt on. Wear it to help prevent hernias.

Video: Ostomy Belt and Wrap from Stomaplex

In this video, Christy shows you how easy it is to protect your ostomy with Stomaplex stoma guard and ostomy wrap.

These ostomy belts and wraps are made of microfiber.

2-Strap (Support Belt)

The 2-Strap (Support Belt) is best for adjustability. Use this to adjust the tension at the top or bottom independently. This approach facilitates greater comfort for different body types. You can also adjust the angle of the guard to allow for greater flow.

1-Strap (Hernia Support Belt)

The 1-Strap (Ostomy Bag Belt) is the best for compressing the parastomal area to prevent hernias from forming or to compress a hernia that is already present. This ostomy wrap has only one strap which is designed to hold and squeeze you tightly. If you have a parastomal hernia or if you are concerned about developing one, this might be your best choice. Another popular use for the wide belt is to hold the guard in position during sports (hockey, soccer, football, golf, swimming, roller derby, etc.)